Unabridged solutions.

  • MSL manages your mortgages, savings and loans portfolio, while allowing users to follow customized workflows and generate all required documentation. With its modular concept, MSL is a flexible standard system achieving tailor-made satisfaction.

    MSL offers you the following modules:

    This module covers the main functional requirements for the financial workflow involved in mortgage lending. Calculation of interest and amortization schedules and the registration of subscriptions are handled in this module.
    This module monitors and controls the financial funds allocation for the construction planning. Components include scheduled payments and interest calculations.
    Customer relations
    This module handles registration of the basic customer data required for mortgage lending.
    Registration of specific targets, tasks and reminders for individual mortgage lending can easily be followed in the calendar option of this module.
    Mail Archive
    The basic functionality of this module is the automatic archiving of correspondence in the mortgage lending workflow for optimized customer handling.
    User Client Management (UCM)
    The UCM module provides potential customers information regarding loan amounts and best mortgage options for individual petitions.

    Standard Interfaces with:

    • Accounts Receivable systems (Oracle financials, FMS, Decade Financials)
    • General ledger systems (Oracle financials)
    • Life insurance systems
    • Property insurance systems
    • Tailor made interfaces with other business systems

    Reports and Letters

    Several reports and letters are generated applying SQL Word tool. This is a user-friendly tool that retrieves and integrates data from Oracle databases into word documents designed by end users.

    Other modules cover

    • Web enabled options
    • Job scheduling options
    • Accounts Receivable module
    • Audit trailing options
    • Digital Archiving options
    • Flexible controls
  • Decos D5

    It starts on paper and ends in Decos!

    Decos Document offers complete and versatile solutions for document management and record management. Our products have a modular structure so you can choose the solution that best suits your organization. One strong feature of Decos Document is its flexibility, which makes the product suitable for many applications.

    Document Management

    Decos provides you with a simple way to save, edit and retrieve all types of documents. By using digital folders you can manage your documents systematically and orderly. Decide for yourself which meta data you want to register. For example it would be convenient to register the reference, address details and date in a Mail Book, whereas the term and details of the contracting party would be easy to find in a Contract Book. You can link digital files to any registration, so you have the correct details to hand wherever you are in the company.

    Records Management

    By creating folders, Decos allows you to build up a digital archive with a clear organized structure. This can be done by simply placing your documents in one or more digital folders. Because each type of document, including e-mails, can be linked to a folder, your folders are always complete.

    Modular structure

    Because every organization has different requirements, Decos D5 has a modular structure. This means you only buy those elements that are of use to your organization. Some additional modules are: the scan module, e-mail module, work-flow, electronic signatures, the publication module and DSP Inventory. For Decos Document users that do not need all these functionalities there is View Client. The name operator would probably be more appropriate for this type of license, as a View Client can not only view, search and print but also complete any work-flow actions assigned to the relevant person.

    Decos D5 has ReMANO and ISO certification for RMA/DMS.

    For further information just visit the website of Decos.

  • In (medical) research reliable and flexible data management is indispensable. We develop and manage standard and customized Clinical Data Management Systems (CDMS) and web-based Case Record Forms (eCRF).

    For several top research institutes we developed and manage databases for large-scale national and international patient-oriented research.

    Because of our personal approach and knowledge, your important and valuable data is easily accessible, safe and consistent.

  • Ictual developed this Face ID Card Management system to handle basic customers’ requirements for issuing citizen IDs, driver’s license and other identification cards. The card management peripheral devices include photo camera's, signature pads and card printer.

    The Card Management software drives communication with these devices through custom build interfaces with key databases. The system is built on Oracle technology and leverages the power of Oracle to deliver a scalable solution that flexibly adapts to organizations.

    The system includes three basic roles for end users. These roles are defined as:

    • Card storage manager for managing blank cards
    • Desk clerk for card holder data registration and card printing
    • Application operator for overall administration of the solution

    The basic features offered by the card management system include:

    • Card holder data registration
    • Data management tools
    • Record update history and audit trail
    • Reporting
    • Data management tools
    • Extended authorization options
    • Card lifecycle management
    • Data management tools

    The solution is built on Oracle database technology and connects to peripheral devices through with the Microsoft Windows OS drivers. It allows integration with third party databases enabling centralized registration and information processing.

  • Service operators require reliable partners that have solutions and deliver services to meet the demand. Solution partners with highly skilled resources that commit to deliver your projects on time and in alignment with your business goals. With Jiver Ictual aims to deliver high-value at a cost effective budget. Through agility and innovation we empower our customers to meet their commercial goals.

    Click on logo to launch the Jiver product website.

  • A flexible and easy to use online work planning and scheduling system.


    By applying self-scheduling, employees get more control over the their workschedule without the planner loosing control over the total schedule.

    With the time registration module, schedule constraints, email and SMS functions, sickness and absence registration and advanced scheduling wizard myJobschedule provides a broad range of options for creating and maintaining workschedules in various industries and situations.

    See also www.mydutyroster.com for the dutch language version.

    Features include

    • Fully web-based schedule
    • Management of staff, services and tasks, permissions and other settings
    • Exchanging or taking over services
    • Leave requests, possibly with the approval
    • Sickness Registry
    • Email and SMS alerts baseline service, exchange, absence
    • Several reports
    • Schedule Wizard to quickly and easily generate a basic grid
    • Check for completeness and Working Hours (optional)
    • Check for abiding to labor laws
    • Synchronization with Outlook or Google Calendar
  • Decade Financials offers you the following modules:

    • Financials (Financieel)
    • Logistics (Logistiek)
    • Projects (Projecten)
    • Grants (Subsidies)
    • Hour registration (Urenregistratie)
    • HRM (Personeel en salaris)
    • Business Intelligence
    • Workflow
    • Webportals

    Why Decade Financials?

    • Short implementations
    • Simple integrations
    • 100% web-solution
    • Strong and Reliable (9 implementations in N.A.)
    • Optimal functionality and flexibility
    • The solution for Oracle environments
  • Business intelligence and performance management

    Why Cognos software?

    From business intelligence to financial performance and strategy management to analytics applications, Cognos software can provide what your organization needs to become top-performing and analytics-driven. With products for the individual, workgroup, department, midsize business and large enterprise, Cognos software is designed to help everyone in your organization make the decisions that achieve better business outcomes—for now and in the future.

    Freely explore information, analyze key facts and collaborate with key stakeholders to make the decisions that drive your business forward.

    • Reports - Comprehensive query and reporting
    • Dashboards - Corporate performance at a glance
    • Scorecards - Metrics for monitoring performance
    • Analysis - Trends and patterns at your fingertips
    • Collaboration - Collective wisdom and BI
    • Mobile business intelligence - BI for people on the go
    • Real-time monitoring - Operational performance at a glance
    • Advanced visualization - Your data brought to life
  • Infor EAM (Enterprise Asset Management) enables manufacturers, distributors, and services organizations to save time and money by optimizing maintenance resources, improving equipment and staff productivity, increasing inventory efficiency and strengthening their ability to collect on warranty-related claims.

    Infor EAM software includes reporting tools that enable better decision-making to help improve future asset performance management and profitability.

  • Control labor cost. Improve workforce productivity.

    Time & Attendance
      Kronos® makes easy work of the tedious tasks involved with monitoring employee time and attendance. Our simplified time-tracking software – working in tandem with our data collection devices – helps you control labor costs, minimize compliance risk, and improve workforce productivity … without breaking a sweat.

      Trying to guess the correct number of employees needed to cover a shift, or the best worker to fill an open one, is rife with complications. Let Kronos labor forecasting and scheduling solutions help you do away with the guesswork, eliminate manual scheduling and ensure optimal labor coverage for every shift, every day.

    Absence Management
      The cost of absenteeism can be controlled with the fully automated, easy-to-own absence management solution from Kronos®. It will help you reduce the administrative headaches and compliance risk associated with leave laws – not to mention sick time, late arrivals, early departures, and extended breaks – all in one place..

    HR and Payroll
      Workforce HR™ and Workforce Payroll™ automates administrative processes, so you can focus on managing your most valuable asset — your people.

    Talent Management and Hiring
      Focused on the demands of field managers and recruiters, Kronos offers a single unified platform with powerful solutions for both high-volume hiring and salaried recruiting. Combining industry-leading automation and employee selection tools, it’s a smart, friendly technology that creates an easy-to-understand user experience.

    Labor Analytics
      As organizations become overwhelmed with more and more workforce data, analyzing that information becomes increasingly difficult. And acting on it in a timely fashion — nearly impossible. Critical business questions go unanswered and opportunities for improvement are lost.

  • We are the specialists.

    Ictual is not only the Oracle specialist but also an an official Oracle VAR Partner (Value Adding Reseller).

    For all your licensing needs and questions concerning Oracle Database Licenses, Oracle tooling Licenses, Oracle Application licenses or other products in Oracle's portfolio please contact us.