Ictual Telecom Solution Set

To effectively service a sector, one has to know it through and through: nuts, bolts and everything in between. Like no other, Ictual has managed to harness its extensive sector know-how in a comprehensive range of flexible products and solutions for the telecom industry.

Flagship among our services is ITSS: a toolbox featuring our sector-specific software solutions and best practices to help telecom providers to monetize on existing services and develop new ones in record time-to-market.

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Our Customers
  • United Telecommunication Services (UTS)
  • Digicel (Curacao)
  • Telesur (Surinam)
  • Telem Group (St. Martin)
  • Belize Telemedia Limited
  • T for telecom (The Netherlands)

Ictual Banking Solution

If time is money, no other sector relies on fast data processing and retrieval like the banking sector. Sound finance decisions demand dependable, real-time information and swift and secure transactions. No small task when the difference between success and failure can hinge on a number five digits behind the decimal point.

Ictual delivers the reliability and compliance you seek. With systems and solutions that synergize our finance knowledge with our system integration capabilities to exceed expectations time and again.

Our Customers
  • Ennia Insurance (Curaçao)
  • Guardian Group Fatum (Curaçao)
  • Centrale Hypotheek Bank (Curaçao)
  • Central Bank (Aruba)
  • Algemeen Pensioenfonds Curaçao
  • Banco di Caribe (Ducth Caribbean)
  • Giro Bank (Ducth Caribbean)
  • Maduro & Curiels Bank (Ducth Caribbean)

Ictual Government Solution

Governments and administrative bodies seem to be in a perpetual race to stay up-to-speed with the changing life styles and expectations of citizens and clients. Their efforts are complicated by trends turning out to be short-lived hypes and vice versa.

Ictual gives them a head start to keep the race clean and fair. Our balanced mix of standard, state-of-the-art software solutions with customized applications guarantee maximum reliability, efficiency and agility. On your marks, get set…

Our Customers
  • Tax Agency of Aruba
  • Ministry of Justice and Police (Suriname)
  • Departement of Finance St. Maarten
  • FKP (Public Housing, Curaçao)
  • Central Population Register of Curacao
  • MOT Aruba (Financial Intelligence Unit)