Today's telecom subscribers demand good products & services that are accessible from anywhere and with very attractive user experience.

Service operators require reliable partners that have solutions and deliver services to meet the demand. Solution partners with highly skilled resources that commit to deliver your projects on time and in alignment with your business goals. 

With Jiver Ictual aims to deliver high-value at a cost effective budget. Through agility and innovation we empower our customers to meet their commercial goals.

Jiver Service Monetization

Get more revenue from existing services.

With Jiver our clients are able to package core telecom products and services to build and roll-out new products in unthinkable short time to market. 

Ictual Telecom Solution Set

Real-time service provisioning & management

Subscribers can activate any service whenever they want where ever they want for how long they want. Services are provisioned in real time and charged immediately to the subscriber account.

Data monitoring and management

Mobile subscribers have access to their balances. They can buy additional balance when needed and are notified of their voice and data usage where ever they are.
Services terminate automatically when balances are depleted or roll-over into secondary service levels.

Jiver Mobile Money

Tap into new revenue streams

Call credit merchant system

Call credit card manufacturing and distribution is a resource intensive endeavor. Managing reseller accounts and settlement can also become quite complex.
Jiver Recharge module automates all tasks reselling non-voucher call credit. A web-based API allows call credit merchants to process non-voucher recharge sale in real time. It handles access, accounting and settlement with reselling partners.
While supporting multiple currencies it also supports prepaid merchant accounts to minimize the risk of revenue loss.

Bank Integration

Jiver supports several integration options to enable subscribers with bank accounts to recharge their primary account balance or pay their operator invoices using online access, automatic teller machines, SMS or over the counter facilities offered by their personal bank.
Jiver BankIntegrator facilitates basic balance recharge and bill payment transactions between the telecom operator and banks.

Mobile payment & balance transfer

Jiver already offered peer to peer balance transfer capabilities for subscribers and this solution has been upgraded and enhanced to support merchant and subscriber-initiated payments.
MobilePay offers a secure web-based API for online purchases using an account balance managed by the telecom service operator. The existing secure SMS channel is used to register and authorize transactions.
Jiver MobilePay offers a management portal, settlement reports and operator API for integration with other solutions.

Jiver Customer Self Care

How do you want to interact?

Jiver CS2x is our solution for telecom operators to deliver self-care options to their subscribers and at the same time boost customer satisfaction and loyalty.
Redirecting customer service delivery to optimized and automated channels will lower visits to store locations.
This is beneficial for customers as for optimal store operation.

Native subscriber apps

Our native apps are designed for quick and easy access to account details and to manage service subscriptions.
They can be customized to align with corporate branding so subscribers will feel right at home. Key applications include our CS2x and Phonebook app.

Interactive SMS dialogs

Feature phone users are able to purchase offers and get account balances using SMS dialogs tailored for text based interaction.

Online account access

With our online portal subscribers can manage everything in one place. The subscriber self-care portal offers the most comprehensive access to all relevant customer information including usage history, invoices, phonebook, web to SMS and account settings.

Store automation

Our customer sales and support portal is a key solution for automating processes at the store. It starts with a self-help kiosk where customers can en-queue themselves, sale representatives get all customer details right away and new orders can be submitted electronically through an integrated point of sale.
Immediate provisioning and back-office work flow management are just a few additional options to consider.